Health Care Reform.

I have a series of posts on health care reform starting with the French system, which I prefer of all the systems I have seen.

1. How we got here.

2. The French System I.

3. Health Reform; the French system II.

4. The Transition.

5. Further Thoughts.

6. Discontent among physicians.

7. The problem with single payer.

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  3. There may possibly be some thing incorrect with your links. You should have somebody take a look at it.

  4. […] add that this is not what I would have recommended if I were suggesting reform from scratch. I have several posts on that at my blog. This is what I think will […]

  5. […] I think fatally. I have studied other health care systems and wrote some posts here about my ideas for reform. We are a large and diverse country. Solutions that might work in homogenous societies, like […]

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