The Coolidge Biography

I have been working on a biography of Calvin Coolidge most of this spring. There are several reasons. He was the only libertarian president in my opinion. He has been mocked and misrepresented since the Roosevelt era with all his worshippers. Lies have been told about Coolidge and many of the quotations you have read about him are either fragments taken out of context, or lies.

Chapter 1- Calvin Coolidge.

Chapter 2. Coolidge as Governor,

Chapter 3- The Harding-Coolidge Government.

Chapter 4- The Presidency of Calvin Coolidge.

Chapter 5-The Presidency of Calvin Coolidge- II.

Chapter 6- The Presidency of Calvin Coolidge III.

Chapter 7-Coolidge Summing Up.

The reading list-
1. First is the Autobiography.
2. Next Robert Sobel’s biography
3. Coolidge and the Historians.
4. The High Tide of Conservatism 1924. The title is actually longer but this gives you the idea
5. Why Coolidge Matters.
6. The Forgotten Man. This is, of course, essential to understanding the Depression.
7. After the Fall by Nicole Gelinas, is excellent in explaining the 2008 crash.
8. Lords of Finance. The story of the four big central banks in the 1920s.

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