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  1. Ian Hutchison says:

    I’m posting this email in response to your blog on the restoration of your Cal40. I am a fellow Cal40 owner located in Toronto, Canada, who has just lost my prop and prop shaft on the weekend. I now of course need to get a new prop shaft fabricated, but need some specs.

    I was reading in your blog that as part of your restoration you had replaced your prop shaft. (beautiful restoration by the way) Do you possibly have the length of the shaft of the original one you pulled out? (from the v-drive to the beginning of the taper the prop sits on)

    Any help you can provide would be very greatly appreciated.

    Ian Hutchison
    371 Pine Avenue
    Oakville, Ontario
    Canada, L6J 2K2


  2. I’m sorry but I don’t. I even had an extra prop shaft but I sold the boat last year and gave away all my boat gear. You could try the Cal boat group on Yahoo or the Cal 40 web site. Fin Bevan has all sorts of information like that.


  3. Emily C says:

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  4. Alan M Parsons says:

    It has been wonderful to vist you web site can you put my e-mail address on your e-mails which you send out.

  5. Celia Hayes says:

    Hi, Mike – Sgt. Mom here – is this a good email for you? It was the one that I found through your blog …
    Anyway, I have a San Antonio writing friend — a gun enthusiast and collector whom I have done a lot of work for in transcribing documents to do with his peculiar enthusiasm – who came up with a question regarding the death of Sam Colt.

    Colt’s cause of death was … well, he died at a fairly young age, even for the 19th century. Gout, complicated by congestive heart failure is usually the official line, but sometimes a suggestion of syphilis is whispered, as his youth was somewhat rackety. He had been in bad health for the last two or three years of his life – had bouts where he was bedridden, recovered somewhat, went back to work at the Armory … and overworked himself right back into a sickbed again. I have done transcriptions of many Colt and Jarvis family letters so I have seen what the close family members wrote about his chronic illnesses at the time.

    My writer/Colt enthusiast friend had discussed the possibility with another enthusiast that Colt might have had an unhealthy taste for nitrous oxide (laughing gas). As a young man he had traveled giving demonstrations of nitrous oxide. For a time, it was a social drug of choice in certain circles – my friend says there was even a ‘nitrous oxide’ club in Hartford at mid-19th century. Because I’ve transcribed a lot of the archived family letters and have a better memory for specifics, he bounced the idea off me.

    Is this something that could have contributed to the sudden collapse of a man’s health, if indulged to excess? Neither of us have medical knowledge enough to come to any conclusion, but the fact that Sam Colt’s cause of death is so … imprecise is a mystery to both of us. Your thoughts would be welcome, if you are similarly intrigued. I can also put you in touch with my friend, if you like.

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