Happy Fourth of July

This is Omaha Beach in late June 2007. We were there for two weeks and spent a week in Normandy so the girls could get an opportunity to appreciate what the Fourth of July means. The National Guard Memorial is at the right edge of the photo.

Here is the US Military Cemetery at Omaha Beach. We spent an hour there.

A few days later, Cindy and I had our lunch at this cafe. It is on the south side of Pegasus Bridge and was intimately involved in the landing on June 6, 1944, of the British paratroopers in their gliders. The cafe owner, awakened by gunfire, opened his cafe for use as a first aid station. He had hidden wine in his garden and some of this was served to British wounded while they waited to be evacuated. His small daughter who witnessed the battle, still owns the cafe and made our lunch.

From Wikipedia– Arlette Gondrée, who now runs Café Gondrée, was a small child living in the home when it was liberated.

I hope the kids will remember this as more than a vacation.

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3 Responses to “Happy Fourth of July”

  1. norcal says:

    Happy Independence Day to you, Dr. K.

    Do you ever think you should have been an historian instead of a physician?

  2. Mike K says:

    Yes, and my history book is still selling about 50 copies a month on Amazon. That’s not bad seven years after publication.

  3. Hiya Doc!

    Happy (belated) Independence Day to you too!