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The policeman’s story from Ferguson Mo is out.

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

A caller to a radio show has described officer Darren Wilson’s version of the attack by Michael Brown. It pretty much follows what we know now.

CNN said it verified with its police department sources that the story Josie told on the radio was the same as Wilson’s version of events. CNN called the stories an exact match.

First, we know that Brown had robbed a convenience store and manhandled the clerk shortly before the shooting.

Second, we know that the Holder DoJ tried to suppress the video.

Next we know about the race hustlers coming to town and stirring up racism by many outsiders.

The crowd was “peaceful and jovial” the Post-Dispatch informs us, and dotted with people who had traveled long distances. “Antonio Cuffee, 30, drove 13 hours from Baltimore with six others to join in the protests,” we are told. “‘We felt we had to come out here to be part of change,’ Cuffee, a policy worker, said. ‘It’s a shame so many black people are getting killed by police,’ he said. ‘Just by the nature of being black we are targeted, we are suspect.’”

This, of course, is nonsense as most murders of black men are by other black men.

The story told by the officer’s friend is as follows.

Wilson said 18-year-old Michael Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson were walking in the middle of the street, so Wilson pulled up in his patrol car and told them, “Come on guys, get out of the street,” but they refused, saying they were almost at their destination.

He kept rolling beside them and they cursed at him. He finally pulled over, at which point Josie said she believes he called for backup.

“He pulled up ahead of them. And he was watching them, and then he got a call-in that there was a strong-arm robbery,” she said. That was the convenience-store robbery shown on surveillance tapes of Brown grabbing a handful of cigars and pushing a clerk away when Brown and Johnson left without paying.

The pair matched the description of the robbers, and also appeared to be holding cigars.

This was the moment when the event began to spin out of control.

“So he goes in reverse back to them. Tries to get out of his car. They slam his door shut violently. I think he said Michael did,” Josie said. “And then he opened his car again. He tries to get out. And as he stands up, Michael just bum-rushes him, just shoves him back into his car, punches him in the face. And then Darren grabs for his gun. Michael grabs the gun, at one point he’s got the gun turned totally against his hip. And Darren shoves it away, and the gun goes off.”

Brown and Johnson then ran, Josie said, and got about 35 feet away.

“Darren’s first protocol is to pursue. So, he stands up and yells, ‘Freeze!’ Michael and his friend turn around. And Michael starts taunting him, ‘Oh, what are you going to do about it? You’re not going to shoot me.’ And then he said all the sudden he just started to bum-rush him. He just started coming at him full speed. And so he just started shooting. And he just kept coming. So, he really thinks he was on something because he just kept coming.”

This sounds reasonable to me. The rest of the story is at the link.

Why the virulent racism and riots by blacks ?


Are we headed into rough racial waters ?

Monday, November 25th, 2013

The recent news about “The Knockout Game” is disturbing. The Chicago “flash robs” story has been bubbling along under the radar for a couple of years. The CNN story makes a weak point.

On Monday morning’s edition of CNN’s New Day, expert guest Harry Houck, a former NYPD detective, went there, explaining to the New Day anchor team that while “not every black kid is doing this,” the only suggestion he could offer to avoid such attacks was “crossing the street, getting away from them” if you see “a group of black youths.”

Thanks a lot. What about the story as an indicator of the state of racial relations in the USA ?

Houck replied that the trend is real, adding that “Urban myths don’t exist. These attacks exist in everyone’s minds, especially in those victims.”

That’s when the familiar language of race-baiting began. Asked if the media was contributing to the problem by hyping the attacks, Houck replied that “I think we have to let the public know what’s going on to protect ourselves. That’s our job. That’s the police department’s job to protect the public. No matter how politically incorrect it might be. It’s to know what is going on and how to protect themselves.”

In fact, it has been concealing the magnitude of the problem. I’m reading a book titled, “White Girl Bleed a Lot”, which provides lots of examples andd lots of videos. The black kids, boys and girls, who are the perpetrators have been videoing the attacks and uploading the videos to You-Tube where they can be seen by millions. They are proud of what they are doing.

Thomas Sowell is concerned,

When I first saw a book by Colin Flaherty with the title “White Girl Bleed a Lot,” I instantly knew what it was about, even though I had not seen the book reviewed anywhere, and knew nothing about the author.

That is because I had encountered that phrase before, while doing research for the four new chapters on intellectuals and race that I wrote for the revised edition of my own book Intellectuals and Society, published this year.

Is the media “hyping ” these stories ?

Ignoring racial violence only guarantees that it will get worse. The Chicago Tribune has publicly rationalized its filtering out of any racial identification of attackers and their victims, even though the media do not hesitate to mention race when decrying statistical disparities in arrest or imprisonment rates.

Such mob attacks have become so frequent in Chicago that officials promoting conventions there have recently complained to the mayor that the city is going to lose business if such widespread violence is not brought under control.

Two recent victims were doctors attending a convention of oncologists at McCormick Place. They were walking on north Michigan Avenue, Chicago’s “Miracle Mile,” a heavy tourist destination where I have spent many hours. The newspaper stories mention “young men” as the culprits.

No one was seriously hurt in the flurry of five random attacks by a mob of young men on Chicago’s lakefront over the weekend.


Now we know why Ms Sherrod has disappeared.

Monday, July 26th, 2010

UPDATE #3: Shirley Sherrod’s father was not shot by a klansman.

Grace Miller, Hosie Miller’s wife and Sherrod’s mother, said Friday that she didn’t know if the FBI had opened an investigation into her husband’s killing.

“I hadn’t heard that but, I think it would be a good thing if they did,” Miller said. “But, then again, it won’t bring him back and that was a long time ago.”

Miller, who said that she and Hall were distantly related, never made any attempts to contact the family before his death in 1976.

According to the documents obtained Friday, Grace Miller and her brother-in-law, Walter Miller, tried at least three times to get Hall tried.
On the night of the shooting, Grace Miller swore out a warrant against Hall for assault with intent of murder. Despite the fact that Hosie Miller had since died, that charge went before a grand jury on Oct. 27, 1965 and was dismissed.

On March 24, 1965, the day before Hosie Miller succumbed to his wounds, Walter Miller swore out a murder warrant before James Holt, a justice of the peace, for Hall. That warrant would be presented as an undated special presentment before the grand jury and was also dismissed.

Finally, on Jan. 17, 1966, Walter Miller again tried to bring murder charges against Hall but was unsuccessful.

Eight days later, on Jan. 25, 1966, Grace Miller, with the assistance of famed civil rights attorney C.B. King, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Hall alleging that Hall shot Miller in the chest while in Miller’s cow pasture off Route 2 in Newton on March 15, 1965. According to court documents Miller was seeking $330,00 to recover present and future lost wages, medical and funeral costs.

So Hall shot Miller over a lawsuit and Hall was a relative of Sherrod’s mother. Doesn’t sound like a Klan case to me.

UPDATE # 2: The coverup of her views is not working. People who criticized Breitbart and defended her are changing their minds and apologizing to Breitbart.

UPDATE: John Derbyshire has a few things to add.

So: while you’re forming opinions on whether Andrew Breitbart did due diligence, whether the NAACP shot themselves in the foot, whether the White House ordered Ms. Sherrod’s firing, whether Bill O’Reilly committed journalistic malfeasance, and the other issues in the case, please don’t lose sight of this key fact: Positions at all levels in the federal bureaucracy — positions dispensing power, patronage, and huge sums of public money — are being filled by radical revolutionary leftists like Shirley Sherrod.

Yesterday, one would have expected, given the furor over Andrew Breitbart posting her speech to an NAACP convention, that Ms Sherrod would be on at least one of the Sunday talk shows. The current media theme is that she is a race hero who had explained how she turned from a racist past to a new understanding that we are all just people, black and white. One might almost say a deification process was underway.

Then she disappeared from public. Why ? If she is going to sue anybody, make her case !

Well, there might just be a problem. Her husband seems to have some odd views.

Charles Sherrod: “We must stop the white man and his Uncle Toms from stealing our elections.”

Oh oh.

Where does Obama find these people ? He seems to be surrounded by them. Is Jeremiah Wright a sort of executive headhunter for the administration ?

The Limbaugh caper may hit the NFL where it lives

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

UPDATE: The plot thickens with evidence that Obama is involved in the Limbaugh smear campaign. Hope and change. Also, here are a few stories about other NFL owners and their hijinks.

The news came out last week that Rush Limbaugh was part of a syndicate interested in buying the St Louis Rams from Georgia Frontiere’s estate. Rush has a history with pro football having worked for a team before he got into radio. His participation in the syndicate was derailed by a smear campaign alleging he had made racist remarks in the past. Those remarks were never verified and, since his radio show is recorded by the left looking for gaffes, there should have been an example. He is now considering his legal options. He is a famous person so the libel laws of the US are very strict but he may be able to prove malice, a requirement for such a suit. There is a second possibility that the NFL people should have considered. A lot of NFL fans are also fans of Limbaugh and might be upset at this smear campaign.

That doesn’t seem to have bothered certain anti-Rush figures who should know better.

And this time every black person with an ounce of common sense and self-respect is riding shotgun with Jesse and Al, who have justifiably voiced their displeasure with Limbaugh’s ownership bid.

I’m not mad at Limbaugh. He expresses no shame to the game he’s been running for two decades. He’s an opportunistic, race-baiting, anti-black entertainer. The popularity of the gangsta element of hip-hop music culture has allowed Limbaugh to proudly claim that his form of entertainment is mainstream.

Guess what color this guy is.

Here are two quotes attributed to Limbaugh in a 2006 book, “101 People Who Are Really Screwing America,” by Jack Huberman.

“You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray (Dr. King’s assassin). We miss you, James. Godspeed.”
“Let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: Slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back. I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.”

I received an e-mail from Limbaugh or one of his employees Tuesday morning somewhat disputing the authenticity of the quotes.

The e-mail reads: “We’ve sourced the quote,” then cites a wikiquotes entry: “These quotations are currently being disputed because the author of the book did not provide air dates for the original source material quoted.”

Limbaugh claimed on his radio show Monday that his staff could not find any proof that he ever joked about slavery. I’m sorry. Limbaugh doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt on racial matters.

Nope, no benefit of the doubt. Any doubt. Mr Whitlock better have a good lawyer. That is malice.

This story may have longer legs than the NFL would like. It has been pretty much an open secret that the majority of players are black. Is it really a good idea to make a big deal of this ? Black racism is a nasty little secret that was briefly exposed when Obama’s pastor hit the airwaves last year. Do we want this in sports ? Do THEY want this in sports ?

Murtha strikes again

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Congressman John Murtha is alleged to be a former Marine. There is a saying that “Once a Marine, always a Marine” but there are a few exceptions. Murtha is one. He is already being sued for slander by more than one Marine. Not deterred, he commits another libel as he adopts the new Democrat strategy to deal with the success in Iraq. Why are we winning in spite of Murtha and Harry Reid (who said the war is lost a year ago) ?

I’m not sure if it’s because the Iraqis are just worn out but certainly the way they are doing it today it makes a big difference. It used to be we broke down doors. We went in and we killed people inadvertantly. Now they’re much more careful about it.

That, of course, is not the only Democrat theory:

Since Iran is now in total control of Iraq, and since the Iraqi government is an open ally of Iran, the Iranians have stopped sponsoring terrorism in Iraq. Iran has won.

Because Iraq is now openly aligned with Iran, it will never be an American ally, so we need to withdraw our troops immediately. The war is over; Iraq is lost to us, and Iran has expanded its influence. It’s all a disaster brought about by that lying liar Bush.

Yet, there is no reason to refer to these people as unpatriotic.

E J Dionne knows why. Patriotism is racism.

If the 2008 election is to be a debate about the true meaning of patriotism, then bring it on.

Ever since Barack Obama took off his flag pin, Democrats and liberals have had a queasy feeling that talk of patriotism would be a covert way to raise the matter of Obama’s race; to cast him as some sort of alien figure (“You know what his middle name is?”); and to paint him as an effete intellectual out of touch with true American values.

In fact, every criticism of Obama is racism but this is extra bad.

A thought experiment

Monday, May 5th, 2008

The Washington Post today suggests a “thought experiment.

Conduct a thought experiment: Imagine that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, former pastor to presidential candidate Barack Obama and preacher with controversial views, was not an outspoken black man but a white woman who penned her controversial ideas in a scholarly journal. If Wright’s views were the only thing that mattered, his race, sex and public style ought to make no difference.

Let’s try this. The “white woman” would have suggested the following:

At the NAACP meeting, Mr. Wright proudly propounded the racist contention that blacks have inherently different “learning styles,” correctly citing as authority for this view Janice Hale of Wayne State University. Pursuing a Ph.D. by logging long hours in the dusty stacks of a library, Mr. Wright announced, is “white.” Blacks, by contrast, cannot sit still in class or learn from quiet study, and they have difficulty learning from “objects” — books, for example — but instead learn from “subjects,” such as rap lyrics on the radio. These differences are neurological, according to Ms. Hale and Mr. Wright: Whites use what Mr. Wright referred to as the “left-wing, logical and analytical” side of their brains, whereas blacks use their “right brain,” which is “creative and intuitive.”

Does anyone imagine she would have gotten away with that ? Imagine this :

Mr. Wright also praised the work of Geneva Smitherman of Michigan State University, who has called for the selective incorporation of Ebonics into the curriculum in order to validate the black experience. Mr. Wright gave another shout-out to the late Asa Hilliard of Georgia State University, who told us, Mr. Wright said, “how to fix the schools.” Like Ms. Hale, Mr. Hilliard argued that disrupting the classroom through “impulsive interrupting and loud talking” is inherently black. His bogus Afrocentrism, propounded in his “African-American Baseline Essays,” metastasized in educational circles during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Mr. Hilliard argued that Western civilization was at once stolen from black Africa and crippling to black identity. As the late Arthur M. Schlesinger recounted in his 1991 alarum about multiculturalism, “The Disuniting of America,” Mr. Hilliard urged schools to teach black students that Egypt was a black country; that Africans invented birth control and carbon steel; that they discovered America long before Columbus did; that Robert Browning and Ludwig von Beethoven were “Afro-European

Had enough ? No ?

There is

University of Pennsylvania law professor Regina Austin. In a widely reprinted California Law Review article from 1992, Ms. Austin asserted that the black community should embrace the criminals in its midst as a form of resistance to white oppression. People of color should view “hustling” as a “good middle ground between straightness and more extreme forms of lawbreaking.” Examples of hustling include “clerks in stores [who] cut their friends a break on merchandise, and pilfering employees [who] spread their contraband around the neighborhood.

So, our mythical white female professor would suggest that

Blacks, by contrast, cannot sit still in class or learn from quiet study, and they have difficulty learning from “objects” — books.

They should embrace thievery as a cultural norm.

People of color should view “hustling” as a “good middle ground between straightness and more extreme forms of lawbreaking.


In his NAACP speech, he mocked the tendency of “those of us who never got caught” to treat “those of us who are incarcerated” with disrespect.

That should certainly prove the thought experiment’s point.

a white female scholar ought to damage Obama’s popularity in the same way the pastor has done recently.

Well, she would have to suggest that he sat for 20 years listening to these theories and exposing his children to them.

Having established that as a fact, yes, I think it would hurt him just as much.