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Government by Democrats in 2009

Monday, July 6th, 2009

We are in the midst of the worst financial crisis since 1929, being made worse in my opinion by the government’s feckless attempts at stimulus. The states have been called “laboratories of democracy” for many years and our two largest states have been governed the past 20 years by the Democratic Party. Since the Democratic Party has been in power in Washington for only the past three years, perhaps we should turn to the states to see what the future holds for us under Democrat control.

New York is a good example.

During the long years of Republican control, the all-white GOP “conference” would regularly bemoan its lack of diversity, and make extra efforts to recruit minority Senate candidates and hire minority staff.

During the first five months of this year, with the Senate under the control of its first African-American majority leader, Smith, top Democrats bemoaned the lack of minority Senate staffers.

But instead of trying to recruit new hires, they fired nearly 200 almost exclusively white workers and replaced them with a large number of minority employees, many of whom were seen by their fellow workers to be unskilled at their new jobs.

The move produced severe racial tensions, made worse by the fact that, as a high-level Democratic staffer confided, “We’ve been told to only hire minorities.”

We’ll see how much of a precedent that is over the next year. The first Supreme Court nominee by Obama is not reassuring. How does he think the future will play out ?

The Empire State — once a beacon of progressive state government to the nation — is on the brink of ruin. And it doesn’t look like anything can be done to stop it.

In two words: We’re doomed.

Well, California is the other large state with “progressive government.” How is it doing?
Things could be better

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a fiscal emergency and ordered state offices closed three days a month to save money as state officials began paying bills with IOUS on Thursday.

Deep budget cuts have already forced California school districts to cancel summer school programs, moves that have affected — among others — elementary and middle school students in Los Angeles, which has the country’s second largest district.

What is the solution ? Why, raise taxes, of course.

But labor and education groups, health care and social service advocates and (a bit more quietly) some Democratic lawmakers continue to insist that tax hikes should be part of California’s solution to its $24.3 billion budget deficit.
“The solution to this budget problem is not to slash and burn education but to re-evaluate our revenue policy,” Jeff Freitas, a lobbyist for the California Federation of Teachers, told a legislative budget committee last week.

“There are a plethora of options that are being ignored that must be brought to the table.”

Did anyone think the teachers union lobbyist would be in favor of cutting education spending ? What about voters ? You know, the people who pay those taxes ?

voters rejected five ballot measures on May 19 that included $16 billion more in temporary extensions of the February tax increase

Gee, I thought the ballot propositions didn’t include a tax increase ! The ballot argument didn’t mention a tax increase. Maybe voters are starting to doubt the veracity of politicians. Well, they seem to have believed Obama last fall. I wonder how long that will last ? I’m not the only one.

A nice summary of the problems of California.

Is there a state that is not in big trouble ? Yes, Texas. Here’s one reason:

Texas is home to more applications for new nuclear plants than any other state, with more than 9,000 MW of new capacity under development. These investments are a direct result of Texas’ world leading competitive electricity market, which has lead to more investment in electric generation capacity than any other state.

And I thought California was bad.

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

California has been run by the Democrats for a decade now. Gerrymandering has virtually guaranteed election of the legislators. The only contested elections anymore are the primaries and, even here, there is a “gentleman’s agreement” about who will run. California has a huge budget deficit and, before the national financial meltdown, Governor Schwartzenegger (a Democrat with a Republican label) was trying to get a bailout from the feds. Well. it turns out that California is not the only Democrat dominated state to have run off the rails.

New York is looking at a deficit of over 40 billion dollars!

Gov. Paterson grimly declared yesterday that New York faces a historically unprecedented four-year, $47 billion budget deficit, $20 billion higher than projected just three months ago – and will need some form of federal bailout.

It seems that Democrats can’t run a state without running it into the ground. I wonder how they will do with the federal government ? This is not reassuring.

With the state’s finances souring, Gov. David A. Paterson in July took an important step to control the spiraling costs of government: a hiring freeze for state agencies.

But since the July 30 freeze was declared, 31,684 people have been hired by agencies, according to a Buffalo News analysis of payroll records provided by the state comptroller’s office.

The records do not include hiring at hundreds of state authorities whose payrolls are not maintained by the comptroller.

Another Democrat hiring freeze. There was a time when the Democratic Party was a responsible political party with the ability to manage the government. The Second World War was managed by a government controlled by Democrats. There was even a committee, called the Truman Committee, that was a watchdog over waste and incompetence in government. The days when the Democrats could be trusted with government are over. They can still win elections, and appear to be doing so with the Obama campaign, but the governance is another matter.

California once had a Republican governor named George Deukmejian who insisted that the state not spend every penny of income during good economic times. The next Republican governor, Pete Wilson, raised taxes during the California recession in 1991 and managed to prolong the recession in California after the rest of the country recovered. Another lesson that will be forgotten if Obama is elected. Now we have Schwartzenegger, a movie actor whose politics seem to be a mixture of strong talk and weak action. At least he seems to be keeping out of trouble as compared to New York governors. Spitzer resigned in disgrace after a scandal about a hooker. His successor, David Patterson, has his own tax scandal. Patterson, himself, has a sex scandal. No wonder their finances are screwed up.

Casey Stengle used to say, “Can’t anybody here play this game?”