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The Gay Marriage Follies.

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

gay marriage

Today, we learn that Ireland has voted to legalize gay marriage. A Catholic Church spokesman said something very intelligent.

If the measure is passed, Catholic churches will continue to decide for themselves whether to solemnise a marriage.
The leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Eamon Martin, has said the church may look at whether it continues to perform the civil side of solemnisation if the change comes in.

I think this is where all this is going. The alternative is to see the Church attacked for the tax exemption, which may happen anyway. Many mainline Protestant churches are seeing membership collapse as the clergy swings far left and gets into the gay lifestyle.

There is also a very good essay at Ace of Spades today.

First, a jeweler in Canada makes rings for a lesbian wedding, then, after the lesbians find out he doesn’t approve for religious reasons, he is attacked.

Nicole White and Pam Renouf were looking for engagement rings a few months ago and eventually landed at Today’s Jewellers in Mount Pearl where the couple said they were given excellent service and great price for their rings.

“They were great to work with. They seemed to have no issues. They knew the two of us were a same-sex couple,” Ms. White told Canada’s CBC news. “I referred some of my friends to them, just because I did get good customer service and they had good prices.”


A friend of the couple went in to the store to purchase a ring for his girlfriend and saw a poster that read “The sanctity of marriage is under attack. Let’s keep marriage between a man and a woman,” CBC reported May 16.

The friend took a photo of the poster and sent it to Ms. White, who said she had no idea about the poster until that point.

“It was really upsetting. Really sad, because we already had money down on [the rings], and they’re displaying how much they are against gays, and how they think marriage should be between a man and a woman,” Ms. White said, CBC reported.

Horrors !

They demanded their money back. After much pressure, they got it and the Jeweler paid for his beliefs. So much for “equality.”

Ace goes on…


Gay rights and freedom

Friday, November 21st, 2008

UPDATE #2: The hate goes on unabated. I don’t think this is winning gay rights any friends but they seem as oblivious to this as Governor Blagojavich.

UPDATE: Attacks on the Mormon Church are escalating and gay activists seem to be planning attacks on all religious institutions.

Chai Feldblum, a Georgetown University law professor and gay activist who helps draft federal legislation related to sexual orientation, says that, when religious liberty conflicts with gay rights, “I’m having a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win.” A National Public Radio report on the conflict noted that if previous cases are any guide, “the outlook is grim for religious groups.”

I have explained to my older son that I think the gay marriage issue is an attack on organized religion, on those churches like the Catholic Church, that do not perform gay marriage. Andrew Sullivan, a prominent gay blogger (who seems to be having mental health problems lately) makes a great show of being a devout Catholic and a fervent advocate of gay marriage. My son dismisses this concern as a delusion of an out of touch old man (although he doesn’t say so openly). He recently sent me an e-mail about the “sinister conspiracy” behind the gay marriage advocacy, a sarcastic reference to my comments earlier. I think recent developments support some of my concerns,

A gay man has forced eHarmony, a Christian internet dating site, to settle a lawsuit by agreeing to establish a gay dating site.

“It’s a great victory,” said McKinley, 46, a computer programmer. “I tried to use their Web site, and you simply cannot. You only have two options: a man seeking a woman or a woman seeking a man. I’m a man seeking a man, and obviously I can’t force it to change its interface.”

The internet is full of gay dating sites. Craig’s List, a huge internet site that includes everything from jobs to prostitutes, has gay matching sites that are widely used. What did this gay man in New Jersey want ? I think it had to do with eHarmony’s Christian reputation.

The eHarmony founder, a psychologist, said that he had no expertise in gay psychology and therefore no particular talent in matching gay couples. His premise in eHarmony has been that members are looking for a marriage partner and that the intent of the service is matching people who are looking for a mate, not just a date or sex partner.

eHarmony founder Neil Clark Warren says the company has declined to serve the gay market because the compatibility research on which it relies to match people was done with heterosexuals and may not be applicable to same-sex couples.

He also states the free market argument for allowing him to decline business that he disapproved of.

But even if he decided to focus on heterosexuals because he disapproves of homosexuality, that should be his right in a free society. Potential customers excluded or offended by that choice then would have a right to go elsewhere, instead of forcibly imposing their preferences. Likewise, competitors would be free to take advantage of eHarmony’s perceived shortcomings, as they’ve been trying to do.

Talk radio appeared because of frustration on the part of conservatives with mainstream media, long perceived to be biased against them. This argument is dismissed as paranoia by the left, which claims there is no interest in reimposing the “Fairness Doctrine”. Read the comments on that post and tell me the concern about free speech is irrational.

Anyway, people who support free trade and freedom of speech and association tend to be on the political right. Those who would compel even dating services to toe the line tend to be on the left. I doubt most gays are interested in a membership in eHarmony. It is all about rubbing the noses of the majority in the “rights” of gays. I think the same applies to gay marriage. The rage about Prop 8 is the rage of frustration that the majority “got away with” something.