Is Trump going to be a target for hate and hoaxes for four years?

Donald Trump won the election with 306 electoral votes. Outside of New York and California, he won the popular vote. Hillary got about 2 million fewer total votes than her total in California. Thus, she lost the popular vote in the rest of the country. Gary Johnson allowed her to win New Hampshire and Nevada. CNN made much about her winning the popular vote total, but her margin in California was over 4.8 million votes, but her national total was about 2 million less so she lost the rest of the country.


The fact that she polled more popular votes has led to a rather hysterical reaction by her supporters.

First, leftist newspapers alleged that the Russians aided Trump with the Hillary scandal leaks.

Then the next theory was that the FBI and Director Comey were responsible for her loss.

In her most extensive remarks since she conceded the race to Donald J. Trump early Wednesday, Mrs. Clinton told donors on a 30-minute conference call that Mr. Comey’s decision to send a letter to Congress about the inquiry 11 days before Election Day had thrust the controversy back into the news and had prevented her from ending the campaign with an optimistic closing argument.

Do the Clinton’s ever accept responsibility for their troubles ?

The latest excuse for losing is the electoral college is racist.

This is a twisted version of the Connecticut Compromise in the Constitutional Convention.

The Electoral College, which is written into the Constitution, is more than just a vestige of the founding era; it is a living symbol of America’s original sin. When slavery was the law of the land, a direct popular vote would have disadvantaged the Southern states, with their large disenfranchised populations. Counting those men and women as three-fifths of a white person, as the Constitution originally did, gave the slave states more electoral votes.

In fact, the 3/5 compromise was a matter of the representation in the House of Representatives, the more important branch in early US government days, as Senators were chosen by legislatures. The numbers in each state determined the number of Representatives allowed. It had nothing to do with the Electoral College. The Southern, slave, states wanted the number of slaves to add to the total for determining representation in the House. The northern states wanted slave to count as zero since they were not eligible to vote. The compromise allowed the Constitution to be ratified by all.

Now, hysterical leftists are generating hoax attacks by Trump supporters.

One hoax has just been revealed in which a black church was burned before the election, and “Vote Trump” was spray painted on the walls.


The man who burned the church was a member of the congregation and had nothing to do with Trump. It was a hoax.

Now, we are seeing more aggressive actions, as two gay men berated Ivanka Trump on a Jet Blue flight to Florida. One of them boasted about the event on Twitter but later deleted the post.

The radical “activist” who rushed the stage at a Trump event in Dayton Ohio in March 2016, was interviewed by CNN as if he had some valid things to say.

The psychotic who shot Congresswoman Gabby Giffords in 2011 in Tucson was well known to be psychotic and the subject of many complaints that his mother suppressed.

In January 2012, Loughner was found by a federal judge to be incompetent to stand trial based on two medical evaluations, which diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia.[11] Judged still incompetent to stand trial on May 25, finally on August 7, Loughner had a hearing at which he was judged competent. He pleaded guilty to 19 counts, and in November 2012 was sentenced to life in prison.

His mother worked for the Pima County Sheriff and had had plenty of warning about his behavior.

In an interview with Det. Mark O’Dell of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, Amy Loughner said , and was angry with the government, though she did not say why.

She said her son was angry after having to withdraw from Pima Community College, after an incident in which he made comments about abortion that his fellow classmates and others found so disturbing that the campus police were called.

That’s when his parents took away the shotgun.

Amy Loughner, referring to school officials, also said: “They recommended … if there’s any firearms in the house that we should, you know, put them away.”

“Did they say he was a danger to himself? Or is he a danger to others?” the detective asked.

“I think they said both,” Amy Loughner responded.

He was clearly psychotic but, like many US prison inmates, got no psychiatric care. There are a lot of psychotic people in the US who are untreated. The hysteria about the election may stimulate one of them to attempt an assassination of Trump, either at the inauguration or before.

Sarah Palin was widely blamed, even in national media, for the 2011 Tucson shooting because of some campaign material

Part of Palin’s political success owes to her knack for frontier imagery and provocative sound bites, as in the health-care debate when she tweeted after the bill had passed Congress, “Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!” But Palin is on the defensive at this moment because of her decision to make Giffords, who remains in critical condition after being shot in the head, one of 20 Democrats marked for defeat in the 2010 midterm elections.

Palin set up a Web site called “Take Back the 20,” which included a map of the United States with cross hairs on congressional districts of Democratic candidates she had singled out for defeat.

The map drew immediate criticism. Among those who voiced disapproval was Giffords.

The marks were, in fact, not “crosshairs” but surveying marks but leftists rarely know anything about guns so it is no surprise.

I doubt any leftist politicians will be blamed for any violence that may occur in the next month.

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