William and the AR 15


Here is William with the AR 15 at the shooting range. It’s mine but he gets to shoot it.

He was also pretty good with the Walther PPK. The .45 1911 is a bit big for his hands now.

B 17 nose and Joe

Here’s his father with a birthday present, a ride on a B 17.

Special gifts.

2 Responses to “William and the AR 15”

  1. CAR says:

    Congratulation on your move out of the Peoples Republic of California. My partner and I made the move from Chicago (Hyde Park) to NW Indiana (Porter County) a year and a half ago. I think of you when I drive into the city through your old neighborhood.

  2. Mike K says:

    “when I drive into the city through your old neighborhood.”

    During daytime, I hope.