An excited basset hound

My companion is a basset hound who has been my closest friend for about 6 years. Here he is.


There he is and he is showing his usual state of attention.

I decided to add a couple of additional pics.

Winston and Bradley

Here is Winston with Bradley Fikes.

Baby Winston

Here he is as a puppy with his owner taking a nap.

Bassets don’t like water and can’t swim but snow is OK as long as it isn’t too deep.

w snow

He doesn’t mind but it can be cold out there.


Then, it can be really deep.

winston snow 2

It can be too deep and it’s tough to lift a leg then.

Here is a great basset hound story. The owner lost the dog for ten years after a divorce and then, looking for a new dog, he found her in the shelter web site. They are back together. I’d post the video but it can’t be copied.

3 Responses to “An excited basset hound”

  1. DRJ says:

    One of my best friends is my 7-year-old spaniel and right now he looks just like your Bassett.

  2. Wow thats pretty cool.
    Its awfully nice to have a good pet companion to keep you company through those tough winters.
    Its even nicer to have an actual person as a friend imo.

  3. Dogs have the advantage that they don’t talk or argue. They may bite you but they forget about it a minute later. No grudges.