The convention

I didn’t plan to watch any or the GOP convention but then did spend a couple of hours doing so. I listened to the last night as we were driving to Tucson. Ann Romney did very well. Most of the lesser speeches I ignored. I think I did miss a good one from New Mexico governor Susana Martinez. It was interesting how many black and brown faces were present at the convention.

The last night we listened as we were driving. I didn’t really understand Clint Eastwood’s speech because so much was visual with the chair scene. Watching it again on You Tube made sense and I thought it was devastating. Rubio’s speech was great, especially the story of his grandfather. Romney’s speech was more animated than any others of his I have heard. Again, it was all audible.

I am a firmly committed Romney voter and I was thrilled with the choice of Ryan. I am hugely impressed with the deep bench of young candidates on the Republican side.

I am also somewhat suspicious of the polls. I don’t think it is as close as it seems.

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