Stupid is as stupid does

I can’t help thinking of Forrest Gump when I see this photo.

We have a stupid culture right now and it is infecting the presidential election. Can anyone explain this ad to me ?

That is an Obama ad ! Without being told, I couldn’t tell. Is this what is going to win the election for him ?

The Bain capital stuff is not hard to understand if you know anything about business or economics. The trouble is that many don’t. Including our president. For example, what is “outsourcing” ?

Is this it ?

Outsourcing is the process of contracting an existing business process which an organization previously performed internally to an independent organization, where the process is purchased as a service. Though this practice of purchasing a business function – instead of providing it internally – is a common feature of any modern economy, the term outsourcing became popular in America near the turn of the 21st century. An outsourcing deal may also involve transfer of the employees involved to the outsourcing business partner.[1]

So Delphi made batteries and electronics for GM. Delphi was an American company, destroyed by the GM bankruptcy.

Some enlightened government departments outsource functions to private companies. The Army used to make all their own rifles. That’s where the Springfield rifle came from. And the Garand rifle. In the 1970s, the Army bought the AR 15 rifle from Armalite. That was outsourcing but you wouldn’t know it from Obama.

There is talk about Romney’s tax returns but this is old news. Hopefully, the American people are smart enough not to fall for this primitive populism. I guess we’ll see this November.

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