Winter !

Last summer, I moved to the mountains. I had owned weekend homes here 30 years ago and always thought about retiring to this mountain resort area. I looked for homes last spring and finally settled on a house on a large level lot. That combination is rare up here. Since my basset hound Winston was to be my housemate and friend, the large yard was important.

We had a relatively snowless Christmas but a good dinner and a peaceful setting made up for it.

The Christmas tree had plenty of presents under it. Winston even got his own present, a nail grinder to trim his nails.

Here he is in his favorite place. Look at those nails !

Cindy and Annie were there. The other kids now have their own families and it is a long drive up the mountain.

Then, we had a big snowstorm Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. Here is the result.

Late Monday morning, as the falling snow slackened and stopped, this was the view of the front of our house. Since the front is heavily screened by trees, the best view is from the access road behind the house. Some of the young men who worked on the roof project last summer showed up and asked if I wanted my long driveway cleared. I answered yes and they did the job in 30 minutes. It was worth 50 bucks.

This is the view from the access road, a sort of alley very common here and the only access for some neighboring houses. I plan to build a garage just about in the foreground. It will open onto the access road. My neighbor, who has a garage opening to the access road, and who is a full time resident, takes his snow blower to clear the road from his garage to the street. Above his driveway, it is unplowed.

We took the dogs on a walk through the snow. Winston loves it, galloping through the snow like a sled dog. Of course, if the snow is more that 6 inches deep, it touches his chest and he would have a tough time with deeper snow.

Here is another view showing that the house really faces this way. The decks and the big windows all look out on this magical view of my back yard and the trees beyond. Below is a view from the upper access road where it is unplowed. My daughter and three of her friends came up Monday afternoon and have been sledding in the area.

The house can just be seen in the distance with the access road going downhill toward it. This is a good sledding area as the houses here are mostly owned by weekenders and several are vacant. The economic collapse has hurt this area badly.

Here Winston is investigating the new snow. In many places he is down to his chest in the snow and he prefers to gallop along like a sled dog.

After loping through deep snow (for him) for a while, he decides the plowed pavement is easier.

After a day playing in the snow, a nap is in order. Anyone who disturbs Winston while he is asleep learns that he really likes his sleep and hates to be disturbed. He will growl at me if I wake him up getting into bed.

That is his expression when awakened from sleep.

He has never growled at my grandchildren, however. They were up over the New Year weekend but missed the snow because they had to go home Sunday.

They did find some snow in a large lot that is vacant and is a popular place for sledding. There wasn’t much snow around but there was enough here.

Here are Kendall and William. She is 7 and he is about to be 5. Mary is the youngest and she is the daredevil.

Mary had her snow suit on and her mittens but her boots had been left at home. It did not slow her down a bit.

The kids got plenty of chances to slide down the gentle slope and even Mary got a couple of rides with Mom. Finally, the sledding had to come to an end.

A final slide with all three.

Winter is here.

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3 Responses to “Winter !”

  1. doombuggy says:

    Nice pictures, wonderful family.

    How many dogs do you care for? I count four.

  2. carol says:

    Neat pics, doc. I’ve been curious about what the place looked like…did you have any trouble with WP getting the photos to stay put?

  3. Mike K says:

    On weekends when Cindy is here, we have three. During the week, it is just Winston and me. The photos are stable but I have had trouble trying to insert video clips.